Tuesday 4th March – I didn’t even watch The Walking Dead last night

So the dream started with me walking down a river bank with my grandpa and younger sister, we were being really quiet and looking around a lot as we walked. It felt as if we were hiding from something or someone but I couldn’t see anything around us.

My dream jumped around a bit here I remember there being some sort of warehouse by the river and it was getting dark so we had to hurry up to get where ever we were going. This is when I found myself in a multi storey car park in the dark. I was running up the stairs of the car park being chased by zombies and had reached the top. I was then jumped by five ninjas, the main ninja was in black while the other four were in baby blue and pink (because this makes sense apparently). I then had to fight these ninjas while the zombies were still struggling with the staircase door. I managed to jump from the multi storey car park onto a supermarket, which I feel had been my destination in the first place.

This is where things get weird. A zombie holding a large bottle of Iron Bru started chasing me down the isles, he was shouting something but I can’t remember what now, followed by about six or seven other zombies.

So that is the first zombie dream entered into my dream diary, I’m not going to lie it wasn’t the most exciting but at least I wasn’t a frog in this one…

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