26 years old, teaching and travelling my way around the world.

Get to Know Me!

I am ESL teacher currently travelling through Asia. I have worked in China teaching first grade full time for six months, eighth grade full time for six months and I have also tutored students from Kindergarten and fifth grade. I now work in Myanmar at NELC Xplore Language Centre teaching young learners and adults.

I caught the travel bug in 2012 after spending 3 months living and volunteering in South Africa and from then spent my summers during university travelling to Morocco and Tanzania. I graduated in July 2017 after studying Communication Design at home in Scotland but decided that a desk job just wasn’t for me. That is when I decided to save up as much money as I could and travel for as long as I could. With a little help from my family and a 120 hour online TEFL course I set off for the big wide world of solo travel at the beginning of February 2018. First stop China! This was just the beginning, life takes us where it needs to and my story has so many pages waiting to be filled!

“Life’s a journey not a destination!”

Aerosmith “Amazing”

Where I’ve Taught

ESL Teacher Sanxin Bilingual School
(2018 – 2019)
I began my teaching journey in China teaching 40 – 50 students per class, 20 classes a week!

ESL Teacher NELC Xplore
(2019 – Present)
After an amazing year in China I spent 8 months teaching in Myanmar in a language centre in the centre of Yangon. I fell in love with my job and the country so came back in 2020 after a 4 month break back to China and the UK.

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