That Moment When…

That moment when… this seems to be a common opener to my Facebook status updates. My theory for this is probably because nine out ten times I write a status its about something embarrassing I have just done, for example; the other day I forgot I locked my bedroom door and tried to open it, my door is quite heavy so I usually have to put a bit of weight behind it in order for it to open. The result of this was me hurting my wrist because the door obviously did not open. The status update was this “that moment when you have forget you locked your bedroom door and try to open it with all your weight…ouch”.

That moment when…you realise your life is a series of embarrassing events. I am surprised my flatmates allow me out of the flat, in fact I am surprised my mum let me out of the house in the first place. I’m the kind of person you should keep hidden away unless you want something to go drastically wrong. Or another way to look at it would be, I’m the kind of person you keep around for entertainment value. People only laugh with me because I am laughing at myself.

That moment when…I’m not a particularly funny person joke wise. I mean I have my moments but so does everyone. I am however good for observation purposes; if someone is going to fall over, walk into something or basically make a fool of themselves then it is going to be me. Even the way I laugh is a joke, and a very bad one at that.

That moment when…you realise that your blog post is really just pointless rambling but you are going to post it anyway.

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