Tuesday 25th Feb – Comic Book Thieves

So this dream pretty much mimicked my tuesday night…up to a point. I went out in town with my friends, got reasonably drunk, lost and then went to bed. This is where it changes from what actually happened. So in my dream I had left my bedroom door unlocked so when my friends returned from their night out they came into my room. While I was fast asleep tucked up in bed they stole all my comic books and hid them in various places around the flat.

When I “woke up” in my dream I realised that someone had been in my room and left the light on…and that is when I saw it. My comic book box was sitting with the lid off, completely empty! I ran into the hall in a state of panic because I had to find my comics before I started work which was in 2 hours. I knocked on all the doors and searched everyones rooms and eventually found my missing items. This is where I woke up to go to actual work…I don’t know if I made it to work in my dream though.

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