Tuesday 27th May – Cave Bar

This dream started off at the Beach in Aberdeen where I apparently lived with my family. This has probably come from the conversation I had with my sister last night about moving into my new flat by the harbour soon. So the house was old and there was no carpets in any of the rooms, it was really dark and the wall paper was peeling. We had no food or electricity, the whole street looked like this. I think it was some sort of post apocalyptic world because everything looked really run down and overgrown.

I went looking for food along the coast and came across a cave, the walls of the cave were purple and green and the were shining from the light of the moon outside. I went further into the cave and discovered hot pools of water like natural springs. I was with my flat mate leanne but she was so thirsty she could hardly walk so I told her to wait by one of the pools and I would go further into the cave to see if there was anything hidden there. Above one of the pools I found a ledge, on this ledge the were cans of lemonade. I took the lemonade down from the shelf and behind it I found whisky and vodka. I looked around and saw cans of beer and cider hidden in cracks in the walls around the cave. I looked closer at the pool I was currently beside and saw that the bubbles were coming from tubes at the bottom of the pool. I looked up and saw lights built in to the roof of the cave. That was when I realised that this cave was actually a bar.

Suddenly I heard people coming into the cave so I rushed back to leanne with the can of lemonade that I had taken from the ledge and we left the cave. Back at my house I told everyone what I had found, and my friend Kellsey was there and she said that she already knew about the cave and that it was where the resistance met, she had discovered it whilst looking for for rocks for there collection. This seemed to make perfect sense to me in my dream but now I have no idea what the resistance was fighting against or why they were meeting in a cave bar.

This is the second night in a row I have had a dream about bars/nightclubs/drinking, on Monday I a had a dream that me and my friends opened a secret nightclub in Aberdeen and it was very successful. I don’t remember that dream in so much detail though. Obvioulsy I am having withdrawal from not going out in the past couple of weeks…

Wednesday 12th of March – Clown Waiters and Dynamite

I thought my zombie dreams were weird but this was just bizarre beyond belief.

The dream started with a ball room, I walked in behind a man in a tuxedo. Around the room there were clowns standing at attention against the walls, they were in a pattern purple clown, yellow clown, purple clown, yellow clown etc. There were two long tables running the length of the hall. The people that sat around these tables were all dressed for the occasion and they all stood up as the tuxedo man entered the room. They watched him as he walked down the middle of the two tables and onto the stage at the back of the hall.

He says something to the room and the clowns start to serve people food, the tuxedo man and another man begin a trapeze act over tables. I have made my way up to the balcony by this point and I over hear somebody talking about the act and how good it is that he has kept up the trapeze after the accident. I don’t know what the accident is, and I am distracted by a box on the stage.

Everyone finishes eating and the clowns begin to clear the plates and move the tables away so people can dance. People are now wearing masks and I make my way into the crowd. The tuxedo man stays on the stage watching everyone.

The doors open and military looking men walk into the room with one of the purple clowns as hostage. They demand the box from the stage and start to spread out around the room. This is when I figure out that the box has money in it. I look at the man on the stage and he seems completely composed. The hostage clown is pleading with men, I think they are terrorists. I know the clown, we are undercover together. He is the tuxedo man’s son, and I am the tuxedo man’s wife. Tuxedo man thinks we are dead, I remember the accident now. There was a fire in our house, I am horribly scarred from it.

People are managing to escape as the terrorists are start to pour petrol over the floor. I know the tuxedo man’s thoughts, he doesn’t remember the accident, he doesn’t think we are dead, he doesn’t know we exist at all.

There aren’t many people left in the room now, only the clowns me and a few people who are too scared to move. The terrorists round us up and tie us together on the stage. They light matches to set the petrol on fire. I know the mans thoughts again, the fire seems to have triggered his memory and he remember the accident, now he thinks we are dead. I grab his hand and tell him I’m here.

The terrorists are leaving with the box and I can smell something other than the fire that surrounds us. I realise that it is dynamite, it is under the stage. I kick the trap door open from the stage and see piles and piles of it.

I woke up here, so no idea if I lived or died but yeah no idea where that dream came from I looked it up in my dream diary and it pretty much said it was because I have big decisions to make that will cause a big change. I do have a lot to decide right now but I don’t really see what clowns and dynamite have to do with that…

Tuesday 4th March – I didn’t even watch The Walking Dead last night

So the dream started with me walking down a river bank with my grandpa and younger sister, we were being really quiet and looking around a lot as we walked. It felt as if we were hiding from something or someone but I couldn’t see anything around us.

My dream jumped around a bit here I remember there being some sort of warehouse by the river and it was getting dark so we had to hurry up to get where ever we were going. This is when I found myself in a multi storey car park in the dark. I was running up the stairs of the car park being chased by zombies and had reached the top. I was then jumped by five ninjas, the main ninja was in black while the other four were in baby blue and pink (because this makes sense apparently). I then had to fight these ninjas while the zombies were still struggling with the staircase door. I managed to jump from the multi storey car park onto a supermarket, which I feel had been my destination in the first place.

This is where things get weird. A zombie holding a large bottle of Iron Bru started chasing me down the isles, he was shouting something but I can’t remember what now, followed by about six or seven other zombies.

So that is the first zombie dream entered into my dream diary, I’m not going to lie it wasn’t the most exciting but at least I wasn’t a frog in this one…

Sunday 23rd Feb – Singing School

So I had two dreams last night, the main feature and a mini dream just for fun at the end. 😛

The  first dream started with me and my flatmates walking to Uni, but then I realised I was in the town where I went to secondary school. We got to “Uni” but it was actually my old secondary school and suddenly everyone around us started singing and dancing. My flatmates acted as if this was normal and kept on walking into uni/school so I followed them.

Me and Evie decided we needed a snack before we started so we headed to the canteen. I went to the vending machines and immediately started singing about how much I wanted a packet of fruit pastels and there was only one packet left, Evie then joined in my song.

That is when I was rudely awakened by my alarm clock but I pressed snooze and went back to sleep.  This is when I had the mini dream:

I’m about 99% sure I was a frog in this dream. The reason I think this is because I remember looking at my arms and they were green, plus I was at a pond. The pond looked like quite modern and man-made, it was also a really long rectangular shape. I was running, or I suppose you would call it hopping, away from something across the lilly pads in the pond but I’m not sure what I was running from. I was then rescued from whatever froggy nightmare I was having by Evie knocking on my door to tell me I had slept in Yet again.

So that is the first little peak inside my head, unfortunately for you reading this there were no zombies but I am pretty happy about that. Then again maybe the frog was running away from zombies…


I think its fair to say I have extremely strange dreams. Sometimes its not until I tell people my dream that I realise just how strange they are, other times I wake up and just think “what the hell brain? Thanks for that.” The weirdest part is how vivid they are, seriously its like watching a movie while Im asleep.

It was suggested to me last week that I start a youtube channel to document the weirdness that is my subconscious. I’m not sure I quite have time for that though so I decided to make a section on here about them instead.

Just an advanced warning most of them will contain zombies. I have had recurring dreams about zombies since I was eight years old, I’m pretty sure Scooby Doo can be blamed for this. There is probably some deep psychological thing that can be determined by my subconscious obsession with the undead but I’d rather not think about that…