I think its fair to say I have extremely strange dreams. Sometimes its not until I tell people my dream that I realise just how strange they are, other times I wake up and just think “what the hell brain? Thanks for that.” The weirdest part is how vivid they are, seriously its like watching a movie while Im asleep.

It was suggested to me last week that I start a youtube channel to document the weirdness that is my subconscious. I’m not sure I quite have time for that though so I decided to make a section on here about them instead.

Just an advanced warning most of them will contain zombies. I have had recurring dreams about zombies since I was eight years old, I’m pretty sure Scooby Doo can be blamed for this. There is probably some deep psychological thing that can be determined by my subconscious obsession with the undead but I’d rather not think about that…

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