Sunday 23rd Feb – Singing School

So I had two dreams last night, the main feature and a mini dream just for fun at the end. 😛

The  first dream started with me and my flatmates walking to Uni, but then I realised I was in the town where I went to secondary school. We got to “Uni” but it was actually my old secondary school and suddenly everyone around us started singing and dancing. My flatmates acted as if this was normal and kept on walking into uni/school so I followed them.

Me and Evie decided we needed a snack before we started so we headed to the canteen. I went to the vending machines and immediately started singing about how much I wanted a packet of fruit pastels and there was only one packet left, Evie then joined in my song.

That is when I was rudely awakened by my alarm clock but I pressed snooze and went back to sleep.  This is when I had the mini dream:

I’m about 99% sure I was a frog in this dream. The reason I think this is because I remember looking at my arms and they were green, plus I was at a pond. The pond looked like quite modern and man-made, it was also a really long rectangular shape. I was running, or I suppose you would call it hopping, away from something across the lilly pads in the pond but I’m not sure what I was running from. I was then rescued from whatever froggy nightmare I was having by Evie knocking on my door to tell me I had slept in Yet again.

So that is the first little peak inside my head, unfortunately for you reading this there were no zombies but I am pretty happy about that. Then again maybe the frog was running away from zombies…

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