To Old Adventures

I just had a “GUMMI ZONE PIZZA”, if you don’t know what that is it’s pretty much a mini pizza made out of gummy sweets. It was a strange experience because it took me right back to being in primary school. They don’t remind me of school at all just being that age. One time in particular comes back to me, it is a story that gets brought up from time to time in my house…

Jack and Aileen go to Africa. Now I would like to remind you that I was very young when this happened so the details may be off and my memory may have added to the story as time has gone on.

Me and my little brother, by 8 months, were playing in the living room doing what children do, using our imagination (my memory puts both sets of grandparents at the scene but I’m sure mum will correct me on that). In our minds we were trekking the vast jungles of Africa, fending off wild animals and swinging through the trees like monkeys. In reality we were probably just being really annoying  jumping over the furniture while the grown ups were tying to have a conversation. This is where dad jumps in,

“Hey I’ll take you to the boats, maybe one is going to Africa for real!”

This was our dream come true, we were going to see real life lions and snakes and monkeys and toucans (we were big fans of “George of the jungle”).

So we get in the car and off we went to the next town over. It is a fishing town so it has a harbour with some quite impressive boats but no long haul all the way to Africa boats. It was reasonably dark by this time and the street lights were reflecting of the water. I may not have been focusing on this but I have seen it so many times it is just what comes to mind when I think of this place. I believe this is where Jack stopped using his imagination, I stayed strong though. We went into the little 24 hour shop that was close by and picked out a bunch of flowers for mum and a sweet each for us. This is where the pizza comes in, I don’t know if it was what I actually picked but nine times out of ten it was my sweet of choice, it just really reminds me of driving around with my dad.

We got back in the car and headed home from our little adventure, I was so excited to tell everyone about “Africa”, I had the whole story planned out in my head. Of course the grown ups played along

“Oh my goodness you’ve been gone for aaaages!”

This is how I know Jack had stopped using his imagination at some point cure the journey; we gave mum the flowers that came “all the way from Africa” and Jack exclaims

“We didn’t even go to Africa. Those are from the all night shop in Peterhead! We just looked at the boats we didn’t get on any of them, we haven’t even been gone long enough to have gone all the way to Africa its hours away!”

Well thats that then…my brother’s head is far to logical for that sort of nonsense, nothing gets past him. I was quite happy pretending but then it had always been my dream to go to Africa.

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