Meeting Goats.

Yesterday I travelled South, slightly, to visit my Uncle,  Aunt and their newest additions to the family; two goats.

Caper (the darker one) and Gem (the lighter one)

One of the first things I noticed about these two is how much they depend on and love each other; the pair played happily in their paddock and were never too far away from each other. They were wary, but let us come close so they could check us for food, on finding out we had none they would return to their pallets for a bit of play fighting.

After some time we turned our attention to the chickens who were making quite a bit of noise, obviously jealous of all the attention the goats were getting. This place is pretty much a mini farm with fresh eggs everyday from chickens and geese and also a vegetable garden the size of my living room!

My Sister and Uncle with one of his many Chickens.

For dinner almost everything we ate came from the garden, and although some parts were slightly too spicy for my taste it was a very filling vegetarian feast!  There is something so satisfying about knowing exactly where your food has come from, literally seeing it come from the ground and onto your plate. Hopefully one day I will have two goats and a couple of chickens too!

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