That Moment When…

That moment when… this seems to be a common opener to my Facebook status updates. My theory for this is probably because nine out ten times I write a status its about something embarrassing I have just done, for example; the other day I forgot I locked my bedroom door and tried to open it, my door is quite heavy so I usually have to put a bit of weight behind it in order for it to open. The result of this was me hurting my wrist because the door obviously did not open. The status update was this “that moment when you have forget you locked your bedroom door and try to open it with all your weight…ouch”.

That moment when…you realise your life is a series of embarrassing events. I am surprised my flatmates allow me out of the flat, in fact I am surprised my mum let me out of the house in the first place. I’m the kind of person you should keep hidden away unless you want something to go drastically wrong. Or another way to look at it would be, I’m the kind of person you keep around for entertainment value. People only laugh with me because I am laughing at myself.

That moment when…I’m not a particularly funny person joke wise. I mean I have my moments but so does everyone. I am however good for observation purposes; if someone is going to fall over, walk into something or basically make a fool of themselves then it is going to be me. Even the way I laugh is a joke, and a very bad one at that.

That moment when…you realise that your blog post is really just pointless rambling but you are going to post it anyway.

Tuesday 4th March – I didn’t even watch The Walking Dead last night

So the dream started with me walking down a river bank with my grandpa and younger sister, we were being really quiet and looking around a lot as we walked. It felt as if we were hiding from something or someone but I couldn’t see anything around us.

My dream jumped around a bit here I remember there being some sort of warehouse by the river and it was getting dark so we had to hurry up to get where ever we were going. This is when I found myself in a multi storey car park in the dark. I was running up the stairs of the car park being chased by zombies and had reached the top. I was then jumped by five ninjas, the main ninja was in black while the other four were in baby blue and pink (because this makes sense apparently). I then had to fight these ninjas while the zombies were still struggling with the staircase door. I managed to jump from the multi storey car park onto a supermarket, which I feel had been my destination in the first place.

This is where things get weird. A zombie holding a large bottle of Iron Bru started chasing me down the isles, he was shouting something but I can’t remember what now, followed by about six or seven other zombies.

So that is the first zombie dream entered into my dream diary, I’m not going to lie it wasn’t the most exciting but at least I wasn’t a frog in this one…

Tuesday 25th Feb – Comic Book Thieves

So this dream pretty much mimicked my tuesday night…up to a point. I went out in town with my friends, got reasonably drunk, lost and then went to bed. This is where it changes from what actually happened. So in my dream I had left my bedroom door unlocked so when my friends returned from their night out they came into my room. While I was fast asleep tucked up in bed they stole all my comic books and hid them in various places around the flat.

When I “woke up” in my dream I realised that someone had been in my room and left the light on…and that is when I saw it. My comic book box was sitting with the lid off, completely empty! I ran into the hall in a state of panic because I had to find my comics before I started work which was in 2 hours. I knocked on all the doors and searched everyones rooms and eventually found my missing items. This is where I woke up to go to actual work…I don’t know if I made it to work in my dream though.

So Much To Do But I’m Not Doing Any Of It

I have so much I should be doing right now. I’m not doing any of it. Why? Because it is easier to sit on the sofa and do nothing.

I’m a student and being a student means that I’m one lazy human being. It is almost expected of students to be lazy and tired and generally slug like, until alcohol is mentioned  of course. I genuinely think I might be turning nocturnal.

I fall asleep in lectures, I need to have naps during the day and when bed time roles around I’m wide awake. This then leads to me falling asleep roughly around three in the morning and only getting four hours sleep before my alarm goes off at seven (If I’m honest I usually get up around eight so lets make that five hours). This, I believe, is known as an endless cycle.

The main problem I seem to be having at this exact moment as I am typing this out is the will power to get up off of the aforementioned sofa. It isn’t a particularly comfortable sofa, neither is it cosy or soft. It is just your average leather sofa and if I’m honest it is kind of hurting my neck right now. The reason I am glued to this average sofa is because my bedroom just seems so far away and in my bedroom is everything that I should be doing but I’m not doing any of it.

Sunday 23rd Feb – Singing School

So I had two dreams last night, the main feature and a mini dream just for fun at the end. 😛

The  first dream started with me and my flatmates walking to Uni, but then I realised I was in the town where I went to secondary school. We got to “Uni” but it was actually my old secondary school and suddenly everyone around us started singing and dancing. My flatmates acted as if this was normal and kept on walking into uni/school so I followed them.

Me and Evie decided we needed a snack before we started so we headed to the canteen. I went to the vending machines and immediately started singing about how much I wanted a packet of fruit pastels and there was only one packet left, Evie then joined in my song.

That is when I was rudely awakened by my alarm clock but I pressed snooze and went back to sleep.  This is when I had the mini dream:

I’m about 99% sure I was a frog in this dream. The reason I think this is because I remember looking at my arms and they were green, plus I was at a pond. The pond looked like quite modern and man-made, it was also a really long rectangular shape. I was running, or I suppose you would call it hopping, away from something across the lilly pads in the pond but I’m not sure what I was running from. I was then rescued from whatever froggy nightmare I was having by Evie knocking on my door to tell me I had slept in Yet again.

So that is the first little peak inside my head, unfortunately for you reading this there were no zombies but I am pretty happy about that. Then again maybe the frog was running away from zombies…


I think its fair to say I have extremely strange dreams. Sometimes its not until I tell people my dream that I realise just how strange they are, other times I wake up and just think “what the hell brain? Thanks for that.” The weirdest part is how vivid they are, seriously its like watching a movie while Im asleep.

It was suggested to me last week that I start a youtube channel to document the weirdness that is my subconscious. I’m not sure I quite have time for that though so I decided to make a section on here about them instead.

Just an advanced warning most of them will contain zombies. I have had recurring dreams about zombies since I was eight years old, I’m pretty sure Scooby Doo can be blamed for this. There is probably some deep psychological thing that can be determined by my subconscious obsession with the undead but I’d rather not think about that…

Love and Ketchup

“I love you more than Ketchup” – if I say this to you feel special. Seriously. My love for ketchup knows no bounds, it is the first thing I ask for in a restaurant, it is the first thing I put on my Asda delivery, it is the last thing I think about before I go to sleep…ok maybe that’s a bit far but you get the idea. I have an addiction.

Today I put Ketchup on my curry. I was judged, severely. I enjoy ketchup with my curry it gives it a bit of extra flavour and also cools down those accidental extra hot disasters. Even the one person who loves ketchup as much as I do questioned my decision when the bottle left the fridge. I guess it just comes down to personal taste, obviously I am alone in the world when it comes to ketchup and curry.

“If I could marry them I would, but I think that would be a bit illegal.” – Evie on Olives…I can’t stand olives. See? Personal taste, it just so happens that my personal taste is a bit on the stranger side of normal.

I’m looking for the one who understands and accepts this. Then and only then will I say “I love you more than Ketchup.”

How I Made It Through Semester 1

So I am now half way through my first year at Grey’s and so far so good. I passed my first semester with a grade B and I have made life long friends that I honestly don’t know what I would do without.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy though, the first day I moved into student halls was terrifying. I honestly think I couldn’t be more socially awkward if I tried, not to mention I already knew I was 2 and a bit years older than my youngest flat mate Alison. As it turns, I shouldn’t have worried, I’m one of the lucky ones blessed with a flat full of wonderful people, minus the one who doesn’t speak…

In total there are seven of us in our flat but unfortunately one of our flat mates never did warm up to us and spends most of her time out of the flat or in her room…sometimes we wonder when she eats, or even if she eats. Maybe she is secretly a vampire, but I’m wondering off on a tangent here. Anyway about my flat mates, I don’t even know where to start! So I guess we shall go alphabetically by room letter shall we?

Room A: Evie, I am fortunate enough to be living in a flat with someone on the same course as me which makes life a hell of a lot easier for both of us. Evie was the first person from my flat that I found, thanks to the powers of Facebook, before we moved in. She was just as scared as I was which was a relief and she was also panicking about how on earth she was going to fit all of her clothes into the tiny wardrobes that are provided for us. Lucky there is plenty of floor space which is where her clothes usually end up when preparing for an night out on the town! If you want to know about obscure, folky, irish sounding bands Evie is the girl to go to. Her iTunes is filled with the most chilled out music which is great to sit and do work to in the kitchen, which we often dominate due to the crazy scale we are sometimes asked to work at. She is a lovely, caring person with the inability to get properly mad at people without giggling, also she comes in handy when I fall asleep in lectures and need to be woken up due to the fact I am snoring…

Room B: well thats just me 🙂

Room C: Rachel, Studying the social sciences she loves nothing more than to make fun of mine and Evie’s course because we just draw pictures (really it’s much more than that). This girl has more nail varnish and make up than Boots and Superdrug combined, I have had to rescue her from the Benefit counter once this week already! Also an awesome cook, she made us the best christmas dinner of cola marinated, honey roasted ham, it sounds unusual but trust me on this it was amazing. Another flat member who didn’t know how her clothes collection was going to fit in her room, it is impossible for me to go shopping with Rachel and not buy anything. Unlike Evie and I she is extremely organised, I have rarely seen her room in a mess, and the sight of mine stresses her out to the point I don’t think she has ever stayed in it longer than five minutes. She doesn’t like hugs or children but has a big heart and did I mention how jealous I am of her hair, dip dyed teal!

Room D: Alison, the youngest member of our little family, just recently turned 18, she is one smart cookie studying Radiography, which I can hardly even spell. Probably the only one of us who didn’t struggle to get her clothes in her wardrobe, but i think that might be changing with our bad influence… I’m quite impressed by her patience during freshers week I can’t imagine how annoying it must have been to watch everyone go out while she had to stay in, that didn’t stop her having fun though and I have photographic evidence. But now she is 18 and she will experience the cramped sardine can that is a night club and hopefully have a good time! Alison is a good listener and has, unfortunately for her, been there for a couple of my emotional break downs…uni does that to you.

Room E: Angie, studying PR, if I wasn’t doing art I would love to study her course, it just seems so interesting. This girl is crazy, but in the best way. Known to us as the grumpy teenager it is best to stay away when she is hung over. Despite this reputation she is the one who quite literally catches me when I fall, I have a tendency to faint which has lead to her cradling me on the ground outside a certain Aberdeen club which shall remain nameless to protect my dignity. Angie is the one with all the dance moves, which most of us have picked up apparently. It is a common site to see our group doing the “Angie dance” which can only be described as a zombie, robot type action, it’s a lot better than it sounds…

Room F: The one who doesn’t speak…

Room G: Leanne, Studying children’s nursing, is the flat mum. Always there to look after us and make sure we turn the hob off after cooking! Leanne such a happy person with an amazing laugh, seriously I can’t even explain how contagious it is. I thought that I would be the one in and out of  A&E at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (especially after being taken there in my first week of uni…life drawing classes are just to warm) but Leanne holds that record, my favourite story is when she sprained her ankle and we got to go home in a police van, obviously the downside to that story was how much pain she was in, and police officers do not know how to drive slowly on cobbled roads! This girl also has the best music on her phone, it’s pre-drinking law that her phone is put on in our flat before a night out. Also good if we are just chilling in the kitchen, however her power can also be used for evil, she put Cheryl Cole on the other night…I left the room.

It is safe to say I would not have survived the later half of 2013 without these ladies and for that I owe them a massive thank you. They were there for the good times but stuck around for the bad times too and I know exactly what they are going to say about this post if they read it but I don’t care I just wanted to get it out there that the trick to surviving university is to surround yourself with good friends and don’t be afraid to let them in. It is something that I have always struggled with but I took a chance this year and I am glad I did.