Another Life Update and Thoughts On Christmas

December has been crazy, I didn’t even notice it pass. I swear to God it was just Halloween like yesterday, and wasn’t I in Morocco the other week? This month I have been crazy focussed…on everything at once!

Firstly of course there is Uni which, being in second year, has upped the pace a wee bit since last year. I feel like I’m drowning in research images, my printer has been restocked with ink more times than my bank balance dares to think about and I have gone through enough sketchbooks to fill a mini rain forrest.IMG_20140930_201235

Secondly I am still fundraising for Childreach International. I love this cause and I have now personally seen the good that the charity does (for more on this click on the Travel section in the menu bar) but man is fundraising stressful! You first have to make sure that what you are doing is interesting to other people, no point in standing around trying to sell brown paper bags is there? The second thing is that there is a vast amount of organisational skill that goes into planning an event that everybody is interested in, this is a skill that I am still developing. Then when the event finally happens you have to make sure that everything went the way it should and that you have actually raised some money! The big one this month was organising the 2nd Year Gray’s Winter Ball, I will be writing a separate blog post about this soon because that requires a lot more detail than this update is intended to provide.


Thirdly and obviously most importantly is the Social Life! This is a tricky thing to maintain if you wish to get all uni work and enough sleep to be a functional human being. The social life of which I speak can be down to something as simple as sitting in the living room with my flatmates watching TV, I like to refer to this time as social procrastinating. We all know we should be doing work but at the same time it is much more appealing to sit on a comfy sofa and watch absolute rubbish in the telly!Scan 143490011

To put it plainly I am looking forward to the Christmas Holidays, which for me don’t really start until Christmas Eve because of work. 😦 So I thought I would do a wee list of my top ten favourite things about christmas, and here they are:

10. The food, I know this is usually pretty high up on peoples lists but I don’t really like turkey that much. I usually have a nice Gammon steak. Christmas dinner in my house is chaos because we have there coeliacs, a vegetarian and a pescetarian. This means that my parents have to prepare four different meals; Turkey, Salmon, Gammon and the veggie option.

9. Christmas cards, I love receiving christmas cards! I have been so busy this month that I haven’t had a chance to buy christmas cards for most people. I managed to get the people I post to but even then there is no way the are getting there for christmas! FAIL!!

8. Not having to worry about anything stressful for at least three days! Its true, all you have to worry about is eating food and unwrapping presents and being with the ones you love, what can be more relaxing than that? At christmas I just put the sketchbooks down and forget that Uni even exists for a couple of hours and it is great!

7. Giving presents! No this is not the same as wrapping them, giving them is a completely different experience. When you give someone a present there is an anticipation of what will they think about it and what will their reaction be and have you got it so perfectly spot on that it makes them grin from ear to ear!

6. The Tree! Christmas trees must have multicoloured lights and they must be perfectly decorated so that they look sparkly and pretty! I do not like tinsel on trees, I don’t know why I just don’t. I like tinsel on the edges of mirrors and even cabinets but not on trees.

5. Christmas Decorations, I love sparkly things so obviously christmas decorations are right up my street! The tree is of course my favourite part…actually I might just give the tree its own section!
4. Wrapping presents, I just love to make them all pretty and tie them up with a bows and ribbon and ahhh prettiness!!

3. Christmas songs! Especially the cheesey ones, and when I get them stuck in other peoples heads it is even better!

2. Secret Santa! I love the whole not knowing who your present is from until you open it thing it makes me so much more excited about the whole present giving experience and of course it means as a student I don’t have to worry about all the money I would otherwise have to spend buying every one of my friends a christmas present! Because as much as I love them all I can not afford that.

1. Spending time with family and friends obviously but it is also doing all the christmasy things with them, like baking cookies and drinking mulled wine!

To end this post I would like to share my favourite christmas song with you all because why not!

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