30 Day Travel Playlist Challenge

This year has been unlike anything any of us could have expected. All those plans made in January have had to be abandoned and the world feels like it is spinning out of control. We have found ourselves with more time on our hands but if you’re anything like me the motivation to do anything with that time fades in and out and leaves you comparing yourself to others around you who appear to be using this time more “productively”.

It’s been a long few months and the end doesn’t look like it’s anywhere near, as summer approaches our minds drift to cancelled holidays, music festivals and trips with friends. It was this particular train of thought that led me to create this playlist challenge. We might not be able to physically travel anywhere at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t travel in our minds. This playlist challenge was inspired by all the moments I have had while travelling and every memory I have made. I’ve seen a few of these around but I really wanted to create one for my fellow travellers out there who have found themselves with their metaphorical wings suddenly and unexpectedly clipped. If you are a wandering soul like me then this time can feel particularly isolating and claustrophobic. All we can do is remember that the whole world is going through this together and that we can grow from this experience whether we are being “productive” or not. Just by living and surviving through it you are doing something amazing.

To everyone on the front line I am forever grateful. I have the great honour of knowing store workers, nurses, occupational therapists and teachers without whom our world would grind to a complete halt. Thank you to everyone working hard throughout this time, I know that your lives have been turned upside down and it must be terrifying just thinking of going to work every day but the world is forever in your debt. To those working from home I feel your pain, it is a completely alien concept to do the job you love (or even hate…) from your bedroom, spare room, livingroom or balcony. My hope for this little challenge is to bring a small amount of joy into each person’s life it happens to land in. 

It is perfectly simple; every day of June check the prompt and choose a song you love that relates to it, then share it on Instagram stories (or Facebook if you don’t have Instagram). Tag your friends and make collaborative playlists on Spotify. To do this just create a playlist, make it collaborative and share the link with your friend or family member that you want to create a playlist with. One of my favourite things about music is the joy of the memories a song can bring back so why not share an image with your chosen song as well? Every day I will add a song to my playlist on Spotify and share my choice on Instagram so if you haven’t done so already follow my account @welltravelledlass.

When this is all over and it is time to pack your bags to explore the world again you will have the perfect travel playlist ready and waiting to accompany you on your journey!

Save this picture and upload it to your Instagram story to share your travel playlist.

Some of my adventures from before lockdown:

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